About Us

Our product team is continuously on the look-out for new ideas and developments in the trade. All over the world. They are searching, trialing, questioning and investigating.

They visit shows, fairs and exhibitions all over the globe. They listen to growers, distributors and consumers, wherever they may be in the world.

They consult with our breeders, producers, cleaners and lab technicians in how to make products better and brighter, more manageable, predictable and profitable.

Some 100.000 miles of air travel annually
are worth the investment. Because all the experience and the knowledge of our product managers pay off.
Kieft Seeds can count on them for a neverending succession of novelties, year in year out.

And there’s even more: we are firmly rooted in the market. So, if our customers are confronted with dilemma’s on growing- and sowing conditions, they can simply ask the best: the product specialists of Kieft Seeds…