Bombay In Kenya

You thought Bombay lies in India? It does. But there are also numerous Bombay’s located all over the world. For example in the USA or the Netherlands. And as of last year there is also a flourishing community of Bombay’s in Kenya, Africa!

On his plant in Kiambu Peter Visser, partner in Tamalu Enterprise, grows the most fantastic Celosias. All Bombay varieties created and enhanced by Kieft PRO Seeds. In the moist and sunny climate of Kenya’s high plateau the Celosia Bombay absolutely thrives. And that was precisely the reason why Kieft took the initiative for this large scale co-op project.

The Celosia Bombay is a highly appreciated cut flower on the Dutch Flower Auction. The exotic appearance, the long vase life and easy to handle qualities make it a best-seller. But until recently it was only available during the European summer season. Thanks to a special “Bombay in Kenya” partnership between Kieft PRO Seeds
(seed enhancer and supplier), Peter Visser (grower) and TKM (transport and sale), there is now a year round supply of Celosia Bombay on the auction in Holland!

The partners in this project were advised by consultants of United Flower Organisation, a firm with a vast knowledge of Kenyan growing conditions. Peter Visser is impressed by the commitment of all the participants in this project: “I have learned more in 6 months of this Bombay enterprise than in several years of growing Zantedeschia.”

And that really means something, coming from a man with years and years of agricultural training and experience………..