californian pack trails

And being a floriculturist you pick up the signs early.
It is in the tiny whiff of spring air on a cold morning. But the most obvious sign you pick up indoors: the yearly invitation to our Pack Trials on your doormat!

For Europe the Kieft Seeds Pack Trials are scheduled for early May. But as always things appear sooner in the United States and our Californian Pack Trials start on April 2nd.

During the last four years Kieft Seeds has partnered up for this event with one of the best growers/producers in North America, i.e. Gilroy Young Plants in California.

This plant is owned and operated by David and John Kawahara.
They also own the larger Morgan Hill operation, Kawahara Nursery, that manages the sales and distributions for both locations.
At Kawahara Nursery, the Kawahara brothers are supported in their goal of being the best bedding plants & perennials supplier by their general manager,
Keith Francis (formerly of Plants Inc. and Goldsmith Seed Company).

Kieft Seeds is very lucky to have this partnership with Gilroy Young Plants. Being based in Holland, we need a greenhouse location in the important USA market to host our yearly floral show. Gilroy Young Plants operates not only on a modern
production site which they are willing to partly transform into a variety viewing area for a ten-day Pack Trial period.
They also have the knowledge and potential to nurture all Kieft varieties from plugs (supplied by the Plug Connection of Vista, California) to superb fully grown plants in full bloom!